Somatic sexual healing

Are you longing to activate more sensitivity in your body? To feel alive and open to life? Do you experience shame around your desires or challenges with setting boundaries? Or do you sometimes feel pain in your genitals?

Some of our deepest blockages have their roots in our genitals – most of them are not even sexually related, to the surprise of many. Through a loving touch you will be held in a soft space where everything is gently invited yet there is nowhere we have to go. The invitation is to open and release through working with the whole body including the outer- as well as inner-sexual areas and genitals. Touch on the genital area will only happen in full consent and in a pace which feels safe to you. It is also completely possible to receive a session without any touch on the genitals and still have a powerful and healing effect. Every session is custom made for you, your intention and your needs.

My Somatic sexual healing is a deep bodywork session where I work with trigger points, intuitive touch, emotional release techniques and conversation.
I might use a bit of oil. This depends on what we will work with and what is relevant.
The client will be naked if that is within their boundaries and I will be dressed.

My primary background for offering these sessions is based on studying Sexual Healing & De-armouring with Susanne Roursgaard besides other courses. See more under “about”.

A session is 2 hours.

The price is 950 Dkk, which is a reduced price, since I am still practicing to finetune.

  • Before booking, always contact Cherie for an initial consultation either via mail or Zoom.
  • If you cancel within 48 hours of your session, the cancellation fee is 50% of your total session cost. Earlier cancellations are free.
  • Sessions do NOT include any sexual services, exchange of bodily fluids or intercourse.
  • Your boundaries will be clearly outlined together with Cherie, and respected and honored at all times.
  • Please arrive fresh and clean.

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