Therapeutic Ropes

In this session you will arrive and let yourself be held as I take you in my arms and lead you through a journey of deep surrender. I will include soft rope bondage inspired by Shibari yet the main focus is on your exploration of letting your body and heart relax and be held.

Many long to let go of tension in the body or control of the mind yet find it challenging to truly surrender. Some carry fears or trauma around not setting boundaries in time or not having the control. This therapeutic approach to Shibari will create a safe space for you to release and be held in what ever comes up. It is also a way to simply get into your body and relax. This session is based on dedicated practise and studies with Andy Buru and in Kinbaku Lounge.

A session starts with a check in about where you are at in the present moment, and this is also a space for you to share any intention, worries or longings you have according the session. After that, I will gently support your body to relax and start tying you. I combine the ropes with soft breathwork, trigger points and loving presence. After the tying, you have time to land and we will have a check in if you wish to share.

60 min session is 750 kr

90 min session is 950 kr

The session will take place in Vridsløsemagle, outside Høje Taastrup.

  • Before booking, always contact me for an initial consultation either via mail or Zoom.
  • If you cancel within 48 hours of your session, the cancellation fee is 50% of your total session cost. Earlier cancellations are free.
  • Wear comfortable clothes that keeps you warm
  • Your boundaries will be clearly outlined in the beginning of the session, and respected and honored at all times.

Want to book a session?

Get in touch here and let me know if you have any questions