All of you is welcome here

Hi, my name is Cherie Ellen.
I am passionate about slowing down in intimacy and I facilitate spaces for connection with focus on embodiment and authenticity. I am sharing my work with couples, women and groups to explore polarity, patterns in relationships and edges that make us surrender to our own full expression.


Primal Play

When we feel safe, we play. Just like animals we can connect without words through movement, touch, sound and breath. Primal play has a simple setup where we get to meet people in a non-verbal way and explore each meeting as it unfolds.

Tantric Ropes

Tantric Ropes is soft approach to ropes – an improvised dance of polarity between two people. It’s an opportunity to let go and surrender to what wants to happen in the connection. Any expression is welcome – from tenderness, playfulness, relaxation, firmness, sensuality.

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Therapeutic Ropes

Many long to let go of tension in the body or control of the mind yet find it challenging to truly surrender. Some carry fears or trauma around not setting boundaries in time or not having the control. This therapeutic approach to ropes will create a safe space for you to release and heal. It is also a way to simply get back into your body and relax.

Nada Acupuncutre

In this session you will recieve the Nada protocol which is ear acupuncture consisting of 5 needles in each ear. It is a soothing, re-balacing and calming treatment for your body, mind and nervous system.

Held in Surrender – Ropes for women

Here is a short video from a Held in Surrender workshop for women


What other people say

“I never thought I would ever try anything with ropes and intimacy before I met Cherie. Now I’ve just come home from my first workshop with her, and my whole body is tingling and I feel very alive. Her gentle and image being made me feel comfortable throughout the facilitation and I have had an experience of a whole new kind of pleasure that had nothing to do with sexuality.It was for me an experience of letting myself surrender to someone else taking care of me and holds me so that my body can let go – all the way down to the cellular level.

-Sarah, Denmark

“How beautiful it is to celebrate love by honoring the very real issues underlying many of our unconscious relational strategies and disharmonies. Thank you so much for shining light onto very relatable topics and for pouring so much energy into guiding people towards love and harmony. It is so worth it, and now I am believing it is so real! And possible!

Thanks to the guidance of masters (I consider you highly skilled in your fields of interest) as well as through the flowering insights of experimentation.”

-Violet, Canada