My passion is to meet in full presence and authenticity. To meet myself and others with open curiosity whilst keeping a grounded connection to the body. To feel how we as individual impact each other and experience that through accepting and welcoming what is, we can grow and heal together.

Feel free to contact me for any questions or curiosities.

All of you is welcome here

People often describe me as gracefully courages, soft yet powerful. I am clear and transparent in the way I bring content, guide people and share myself honestly. Nothing is hidden, too much or shameful. 

I work with both individuals, couples and groups. I mainly work in Copenhagen but also Sweden and online.

I am currently a student at Gestalt Instituttet to become a Gestalt- & Psychotherapist.

Past Experiences / Educations

Shamanic Sexual Healing & De-armouring with Susanne & Bjarne Roursgaard

Gestalt- & psychotherapy at Gestalt Instituttet

Tao Tantra Massage with Trine Tao

Sexual Healing & De-armouring with Susanne Roursgaard

Ropes for bodyworkers with Andy Buru

Belly2Belly practitioner and facilitator training with David Cates & Embodied Intimacy

Embodied Intimacy Training – Assistant
(2019 – 2020)

Embodied Intimacy Training – Participant

Zen Coaching Level 1 – With Kåre Landfald

Tribal Tantra Teacher Training with Eugene Hedlund

Nada Acupuncture – Nada Denmark