My passion is relationships. To meet others with curiosity and explore what unfolds in the moment between us. I love listening to the wisdom of the body and nervous system and slow down enough so we can actually hear it. I see relationships as teachers to understand and feel myself in ways im not able to alone. We heal in relationship, I believe. Especially if we dare to be brave, honest and vulnerable in receiving and giving love, setting boundaries and surrendering to the relational mystery that unfolds each and every moment.

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All of you is welcome here

People often describe me as gracefully courageous, soft yet powerful. I am clear and transparent in the way I bring content, guide people and share myself. Nothing is hidden, too much or shameful. All of you is welcome here.

I am currently a student at Nordisk Gestalt Institut to become a Gestalt- & Psychotherapist.

I am a part of running The School of Tantric Ropes and I work with both individuals, couples and groups. I mainly work in Copenhagen but also Sweden and online. I have a background of studying with and assisting Embodied Intimacy for several years and I has dedicated my work to embodiment and relational intimacy. 

Past Experiences / Educations

Shakti Yoga Teacher Training
with Laila Torsheim, Yogakompaniet (2023)

Somatic Attachment Therapy with Dr. Maureen Gallagher, Peter Levine m.fl.

Shamanic Sexual Healing & De-armouring with Susanne & Bjarne Roursgaard

Gestalt- & psychotherapy at Nordisk Gestalt Institut

Sexual Healing & De-armouring with Susanne Roursgaard

Ropes for bodyworkers with Andy Buru

Belly2Belly practitioner and facilitator training with David Cates & Embodied Intimacy

Embodied Intimacy Training – Assistant
(2019 – 2020)

Embodied Intimacy Training – Participant

Zen Coaching Level 1 – With Kåre Landfald

Tribal Tantra Teacher Training with Eugene Hedlund

Nada Acupuncture – Nada Denmark