Tantric Ropes for couples

Do you wish to come closer to your partner and create more polarity and connection between you? Do you want to learn the essentials around tying so you can improvise and find your own way of implementing ropes into your relationship.

I offer group workshops for couples to explore ropes and relating in a safe and non-sexual way. Read more about my upcoming events here

It is all about the connection. I see the ropes as an extension of the arms; a way to hold someone more fully, with care and full presence. Tying is an act of love. When tying your partner you offer them a gift of your guidance and invite then to trust you and let go.

Often we feel more comfortable in one or the other role in life – taking the lead or following. We can explore the dynamics between you around exactly this topic, and how it might impact the polarity between you. Maybe you are longing to be held in your vulnerability but fint it difficult to let go of control?

This was one of my big struggles (and sometimes still is) when I discovered that ropes could support me in surrendering to my partner and create a space where I can express and be held in my emotions.

I offer private sessions to go deeper at your own pace.
A session starts with a check in about where you are at in the present moment, and this is also a space for you to share any intention, worries or longings you have according the session.

This is a session where you get to explore dynamics between you and use your body, the ropes and honest communication to come closer to what is alive between you.

1h30 min session is 1100 kr

The session will take place in Vridsløsemagle, outside Høje Taastrup or Roskilde.

  • If you cancel within 48 hours of your session, the cancellation fee is 50% of your total session cost. Earlier cancellations are free.
  • Sessions do NOT include any sexual services, exchange of bodily fluids or intercourse.

Want to book a session?