“I never thought I would ever try anything with rope and intimacy before I met Cherie. Now I’ve just come home from my first workshop with her, and my whole tingle and feel very alive. Her gentle and image being made me feel comfortable throughout the facilitation and I have had an experience of a whole new kind of pleasure that had nothing to do with sexuality.It was for me an experience of letting myself surrender to someone else taking care of me and holds me so that my body can let go – all the way down to the cellular level. “

-Sarah B, Denmark


Amber L, Australia

Being authentic and beautiful like that – it creates a safe space and a place for me to just be myself and feel that everything is welcome

-Josefine R, Denmark

Dearest Cherie,

I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for the primal play session that I attended with you on Friday. As a first-time participant, I was admittedly a bit nervous about what to expect, but you immediately put me at ease and created a safe and welcoming environment.

Throughout the session, I was amazed by the depth of emotion and connection that I felt as we explored our primal selves together. I appreciated your attention to safety and boundaries, which allowed me to fully immerse myself in the experience and let go of any inhibitions.

I also wanted to thank you for your creativity and enthusiasm in guiding us through the various exercises and movements. I felt completely engaged and amused throughout the session, which is a testament to your skill as a facilitator.

Overall, I left the session feeling energized, inspired, and deeply connected to myself and the group. Thank you again for providing such a wonderful experience, and I look forward to attending more of your sessions in the future.

Cherie was loving, mindful, constructive and clear when holding space for the rope workshops I’ve been joining. The meditative, intuitive style of rope she works with calls me deeply and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to ease into that with her.

-Artemis Tafra, Sweden

Cherie’s beautiful and calm nature helps you feel at ease immediately. I love how transparent she is in her humanness and how she’s so passionate about her work

-Phoebe Morwood, Australia

I loved your online couples course! Firstly, getting a deep sense that most triggers are from the past and do not necessarily mean that I am unloved or being disrespected in the present. This has allowed me to dive deep into my own pain when it arises rather than waiting on my partner to solve my problems or heal me. And your communication tools, such as checking-in and giving a little bit of a warning before communicating deeper issues, has been very helpful in establishing a sense of safety around communication. It is great to know that I also can dive into triggers with the help and support of my partner, without them feeling attacked and closed off. The frameworks you present give a lot of easy tools to be used in these moments. And they are easy to remember as we see you two using them as examples in the videos. All in all, I feel more of a receptive openness from my partner to communicate anything, simply because we trust our common framework and know that “we are not each other’s enemy”.. and “being triggered doesn’t mean that the whole relationship is wrong or that the whole of the other is wrong or not lovable/loving”. That rung so true for both of us, and we strive towards remembering that in our more dizzy & anxious moments. How beautiful it is to celebrate love by honouring the very real issues underlying many of our unconscious relational strategies and disharmonies. Thank you soooo much for shining light onto very relatable topics and for pouring so much energy into guiding people towards love and harmony. It is sO worth it, and now I am believing it is sO real! And pOssible! And again, that started through knowing each of you and then witnessing your sharing together. WoW!

Thanks to the guidance of masters (I consider you hiiighly skilled people in your fields of interest) as well as through the flowering insights of experimentation.

-Violet K, Canada

I felt very held in the room with Cherie, who held space with a natural, calm presence that made me feel safe and ready. Ready to experience and explore what it is like to be held and hold another being in ropes. Beautiful, gentle and vulnerable with women. Elegant, creative and aesthetic – balm for my soul. First but certainly not the last time I attend one of Cherie’s workshops.

– Michelle H, Denmark

Cherie’s women’s circles are perfect examples of the ancient, natural group practices that are so clearly missing from our modern, lonely Western lifestyles and that bring us back to the essence of what it is to be human and to connect deeply with other beings. To show ourselves as we truly are, free from the masks, pretence and self-restraint required in ‘normal’ life. I always felt very safe in Cherie’s circles, she has a way of looking deeply at you with love and I felt able to share my deepest fears, desires and dreams with the group. For me, she embodies the divine feminine energy and I feel so much admiration for her and her work.

-Holly, England

Thank you Cherie for this deep surrendering one-on-one session. I really felt heard, cared and loved trough your sensitive, secure and attentive touch and ropes.

-Leela S, France

You have a purity and authenticity that is very special.

-Amanda, Germany

My boyfriend and I went to a tantra-shibari one-day workshop with Cherie and rigger Red Lily. In the course of 6 hours, we were safely guided through exersices, of connection and intimacy and rope technique. Through the day, we worked our way up to having a couple of short playsessions, one focusing on soft tying, and a longer one focusing on pain and a more aggressive style. All the way we felt totally safe and supported, and Cherie and Red Lily succeeded in creating a very inspiring atmosphere, and we got a lot of ideas on how to continue our work together after the workshop. All in all a fantastic day!

-Signe, Denmark